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Community Engagement Project, 2015 # 3

On October 15, the activity took place at the Sala SML (Prachum Mit) Hall, Tambon Ban Chang Municipality, with participation by the Law Kwian, Prachum Mit, and Si Kak communities. GPSC organized its annual Community Engagement Project this year under the “Side by Side” name. The project strives to make GPSC known to communities and its operations understood, boost their confidence, bolster relations between them and employees, listen to their views, and clarify their questions to accommodate GPSC’s investment expansion plans. This year, two GPSC employees addressed topics of interest: Measures for Safety and Environmental Care (Ms. Nuttheeya Buasuang) and Looking after Household Electrical Systems (Mr. Thanaphat Krengklad). The communities gave GPSC a warm welcome.