Fair Operating Practice

GPSC conducts activities that related to 2 issues as follows;

  1. Building Confidence of Stakeholders by adhering to Operational Excellence
    • GPSC is aware of its responsibilities in economic, social and environmental aspects as well as stakeholders related to the operations and risk management. The company also commits to reduce negative impacts from business operations on society, environment, occupational health and safety. To ensure the compliance of the company’s product stewardship to legal standards, GPSC enhances the effectiveness of the production to ensure that employees, properties and surrounding communities’ safety meets the standards and to enhance safety awareness to prevent incidents that may be caused by the operation. Performance indicators are regularly monitored and reported to the Management and Board of Directors. Planning workshops are conducted to raise employees’ awareness of quality, security, health and safety, and environment. In addition, unsafe behaviors and workplace with risks in the company are analyzed and preventive mitigations are developed to solve these issues.
    • Supporting the human rights and labor rights of employees and stakeholders by firmly adhering to human rights and labor laws and standards that are applied to our business in the areas of supply chain management and effective information management in terms of data collection, employee equality, fair compensations, and safe workplace. Furthermore, GPSC responsively operates the business and is aware of the missions towards stakeholders by having in place guidelines for supporting competitiveness, enhancing economic, social, and environmental development for the communities surrounding the power plants of the company
  2. Business with Transparency
    • The company transparently operates business and publicly discloses management approach and performance related to the economic, social and environmental aspects that are accurate and verified by the internal and external.
    • GPSC organized the first “Open House Project, Welcoming the Community” activity for the communities in 2014 and continuously conducted in 2015, in order to invite communities to visit the company and power plants and understand how GPSC operates the business and power plants including safety measures, environmental monitoring and assessment and CSR activities. The activity enhances the communities’ trust in GPSC.
    • Moreover, the company also conducts internal and external internal audits to assess the transparency in the business.

Security, Safety, Health

GPSC considers about safety in lives of all employees. Therefore, the company has conducted training on safety, occupational health and working environment aimed for employees at all levels to disseminate knowledge on personal protection and incidents from assigned work. Training courses attended by all employees are recorded as personal training data and filed at the competency management department of the company and relevant internal units on a regular basis.

In the aspect of collaboration with contractors, GPSC has determined to attach the company’s relevant policy and practice contents in the final part of procurement contract to ensure that contractors will operate works in compliance with QSHE policy and safety practices. In addition, contractors will be trained on safety, occupational health, and environment to be able to apply regulations in practice for operational safety in every project of the company.

Personal Safety

GPSC has conducted training for employees on the topics of personal safety, health preparation before working, safe operational clothes, appropriate use of PPE depending on activities or assigned works, safe environment, hazards at work, first aid, laws and regulations on safety, occupational health and environment.

Safety of Operational Procedure

To prevent accidents and incidents from operational procedure related to safety, occupational health and environment, GPSC has arranged the specific safety training i.e. confined space, boiler controller, natural gas area, industrial gas controller, hazardous substance storage, fire prevention and responsibility in term of basic fire extinguishing, techniques and commanding of fire extinguishing in alignment with trust building in surrounding communities.

Occupational Health Management

Occupational health management of the company focuses on the compliance in aspects, such as health risk assessment, industrial hygiene, annual health check-up, program, ergonomic program and white factory.

Health and occupational health of GPSC employees are prioritized. Health check-up before work commitment, annual health check-up and health check-up according to risk factors at work are conducted. The contractors working in collaboration with the company, GPSC has the specific conditions attached with contract or procurement memorandum stated that the contractor health must be checked before working and checked annually in order to work safely.

Product Stewardship

Human Resource Management Policy

Stakeholder Engagement

GPSC is enthusiastic in participating with all stakeholders. To meet different kinds of expectations and interests of all stakeholders, different kinds of stakeholders can be grouped, which triggers effective channels of communication with each stakeholder group. Our stakeholders are divided into 6 groups as follows:

Stakeholder Group Engagement Methodology Stakeholder Expectations
Investors & Shareholders
  • Annual Report
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Conducting annual Company’s site visit
  • Conducting activities for building relationship and disseminating information at least once a year
  • Inquiring through several channels such as email, phone and letter and other methods
  • Complaining via company’s grievance system
  • Businesses conducted fairly and transparently
  • Net profit and revenue continuously and sustainably growing
  • Having efficiency corporate governance
Government Agencies
  • Reporting business performance to governmental sectors as required
  • Taking part in governmental activities and projects
  • Abiding by regulations and laws
  • Operating business without corruption and realizing rights of using power for consumers and relevant stakeholders
  • Conducting employee satisfaction survey every quarter of year
  • Filing complaints to supervisors and through the company’s grievance system
  • Meeting with Executives every 6 months
  • Email communication
  • Benefit and welfare
  • Revenue and clearly defined career paths
  • Employee retention
  • Development of employee’s capabilities
Partners Suppliers & Contractors
  • Selecting and evaluating suppliers’ performance
  • Conducting annual activity for SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • Conducting transparent purchase and hiring that can be monitored
  • Sustainably building good rapport and effective operation for partners, suppliers and contractors
  • Conducting customer satisfaction survey twice a year
  • Proving monthly, quarterly and annual customer relationship activities
  • Providing high- quality products and effective services
  • Capable of proper and fast solutions to resolve conflict
Society & Communities
  • Surveying and collecting information relating to social responsibilities with PPT Group twice a year
  • Conducting activities for communities and society with government and private sectors at least once a year
  • Conducting field meeting with representatives of communities and those who might have both direct and indirect effects.
  • Sustainably working and living with community
  • Development of society and community
  • Perception of possible effects from business operation

GPSC strongly believes that respectable relationships, based on trust and comments from stakeholders, are valuable assets of the company. The company, therefore, always realizes the significance of expectations and interests from stakeholders, considering them as factors for developing the business operation.