GPSC’s Support to Business Associations and Organizations

GPSC recognizes the importance of corporate social initiatives in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines. This acknowledgement is put into action by connecting with network partners and members in relevant organizations or organizations established for various economic and social benefits in order to contribute to their sustainable development. Accordingly, GPSC has driven policy implementation and knowledge sharing regarding the industry and sustainable growth of the country from various work departments among those organizations and partners.

In spite of the mentioned activities, GPSC has not made contribution in Lobbying, interest representation or similar and other categories (such e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums).

Total contribution and other spending are as follows:

  Currency FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
Lobbying, interest representation or similar THB 0 0 0 0
Local, regional or national political campaigns/organizations/candidates THB 0 0 0 0
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups THB 387,174 402,220 413,591 740,466
Other (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums) THB 142,096 404,460 315,650 524,000
Total contribution and other spending THB 529,270 806,680 729,241 1,264,466
Data coverage % 100 100 100 100

GPSC’s Business Association and Organization Support is as follows

List of Organizations Type of Organizations Total spend (Baht)
FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
The Association of Private Power Producers (APPP) Trade association 42,800 42,800 42,800 370,870
Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) Other 142,096 404,460 315,650 274,000
Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) Other 250,000 250,000 250,000 250,000
The Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.)
  • Power Producer Industry Club
  • Renewable Energy Industry Club
Trade association 42,800 53,500 48,150 153,110
The Institute of Industrial Energy Trade association 0 0 0 55,000
The Thai Chamber of Commerce Trade association 24,610 24,610 24,610 24,610
Thailand National Committee of CIGRE Trade association 20,544 21,140 20,388 42,266
Thai Industrial Estate and Strategic Partner Association Trade association 0 0 15,000 60,000
Thai Photovaltaic Industries Association Trade association 0 3,750 6,223 0
The Federation of Thai Industries Rayong Chapter Trade association 4,280 4,280 4,280 4,280
The Federation of Thai Industries Chonburi Chapter Trade association 2,140 2,140 2,140 4,280
Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) Other - - - 8,560
Thailand Management Association (TMA ) Other - - - 7,490
Thai AEO Importer & Exporter Association Trade association - - - 10,000
Total spend (THB) 529,270 806,680 729,241 1,264,466

GPSC delegates its experts to join the board or the committee of the business associations and organizations so as to share useful information, knowledge and opinions on various issues. Below are the top three ranked organizations with highest support from GPSC.

Organizations Total spend in
FY 2020 (Baht)
The Association of Private Power Producers (APPP)
The Association of Private Power Producers (APPP) is a organization in the power industry that represent a group of good governance private power producers who have expertise and knowledge in power and energy business and share the same vision of driving for adequacy of energy supply, efficient use of energy and sustainable economy and social development as well as being the representative of private power producer to give the knowledge, experiences, sharing the view, express the idea and give suggestion on energy power business to the best benefit of the country.
Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT)
The Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT) is a neutral, independent with a mission to foster better understanding of the petroleum, petrochemical, and related industries in Thailand with emphasis on human resources development, information services, technical services, public policy and regulatory support, to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of the industry and the country.
Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD)
TBCSD is a association focusing on driving sustainable development with business solution from the business sectors. It provides platform for companies to share knowledge, advocate business position while working with governments and others parties.

In the year 2020, GPSC supported various relevant organizations on these key topics;

GPSC places great emphasis on the implementation of best practice in accordance with the government rules and regulations. In 2019, the company accommodated the operations of the Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT), an independent and impartial non-profit organization, and the Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.) through participation as members of the board and the committee in order to create a collaborative network that acts as a knowledge exchange platform. The topics range from work experience, best practices in technology and standards or criteria used in each party’s company to environmental stewardship. Such a project aims to provide insight knowledge to the participants while fostering a positive corporate image and trust among the government agencies, communities and stakeholders.

Moreover, representatives from GPSC, on behalf of the group, periodically met with the government agencies in charge of the environmental protection to present and exchange useful information, particularly regarding the law and operations of the company. In addition, the representatives also kept up-to-date with new legislation to be imposed by the government. To illustrate, the representatives followed up on the draft of the Climate Change Act aimed to enforce Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), whereby power generation business is one of the five businesses subject to. In this same year, the GPSC team also successfully provided essential supporting information needed to set a new standard guideline for a wastewater drainage system, specifically for the Electric Utilities industry.

GPSC pays serious attention to sustainable development, thus, has adopted and integrated the operational guidelines from the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) into the business operation of the company. GPSC supports and advocates for such policies through the partnership with TBCSD in order to share ideas and information on its business operations to promote the concept of sustainable development.

With the intention to drive the implementation of social and environmental responsibility projects, GPSC encourages its members to act on the matter and be a role model for sustainability capable of promoting favorable change in regulations at an industrial and national levels that also meets the UN’s sustainable development goals. Some probable participations include discussing measures to solve the PM 2.5 problem and becoming a member of the Climate change campaign in order to carry out activities in accordance with the group's action plan.