Occupational Health and Safety

Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC) is committed to creating operational excellence in accordance with the corporate mission by recognizing and taking into account their responsibility for the safety, occupational health and good working environments of their operators. GPSC has therefore established a proactive management team and measures to prevent potential hazards from machines in work areas or work processes to reduce and control risks in all such processes and business operations of the GPSC Group that may lead to the loss of life, injury and illness, including the impact on the com munity and the surrounding environment. Emphasis will also be placed on the continuous monitoring of production efficiency and machine availability, as well as strictly complying with the laws related to safety and occupational health, with the vision, mission and implementation of various activities in driving the organization towards a zero operator incidence rate as follows:

Safety Vision

GPSC realizes and places importance on conducting business with utmost responsibility to safety, the society and the environment, with the established vision for safety being termed “Drive to Zero Incidents that Harm People”, which has a focal point of reducing incidences causing harm towards workers, while also fostering the corporate safety culture “WE SAFE” to create an attitude of safety for everyone.

Working safely, paying attention to each person, thinking before doing something and stopping work if unsafe
GRI 103-2
Security, safety and occupational health mission
  • Quality and confidence must meet customer needs.
  • Establishing standards and driving QSHE, Process Safety Management and maintaining a culture of QSHE ‘WE SAFE’ to cultivate a safety awareness into the GPSC DNA.
  • All hazards are identified and controlled to a minimum to the extent of there being appropriate actions for all scenarios.
  • Increase the QSHE efficiency with the 3Es: Engineering, Education and Encouragement to Employees and Contractors.
GRI 403-4
Occupational safety and health supervision

GPSC has set up a committee on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Committee according to the law in every area of the company, including executives, operators and safety officers at the professional level of the company being secretaries both at the head office and at the power plant. Meetings are scheduled at least once a month to report and receive suggestions on ways to improve and correct such to maintain accordance with the law on occupational safety standards of the company. In addition, the company promotes and supports activities on occupational safety, including the monitoring of safety performance, as well as complaints from employees on a regular basis, using information to plan for operational improvement and presenting these to senior management for their acknowledgement.

GRI 403-1

GPSC realizes that effective safety management in operational processes will be able to prevent risks that may arise from serious accidents and provide a framework for use in operations throughout the value chain of the company. Safety management in the production process or Process Safety Management (PSM) is a part of the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS). It covers design processes, engineering, manufacturing operations, monitoring of production efficiency and machine availability, including maintenance and risk assessments to formulate plans for the management, prevention and risk control in the production process, under both normal and emergency type conditions, in order to allow for efficient and safety in working.

GRI 403-2
Processes for assessing and preventing occupational health risks

Under the vision of the organization to be the leading international innovation and sustainability power producer, management of the security, safety, occupational health and environment is therefore of fundamental importance. GPSC has established policies for quality management, security, safety, occupational health and environment to be used as a management framework within the GPSC Group, which executives, employees, contractors and stakeholders of all sectors must implement as a framework for operating within the GPSC Group.

This is in order for GPSC to be an international power generation organization and to be able to manage risks appropriately. The company has established and certified the following management systems internationally, namely:

Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001)

All of these 3 GPSC systems request an integrated certification (Integrated Management System) covering both the power plant and the head office, in order for the organization to be able to manage these systematically and to gain international recognition. GPSC pays close attention to managing risks that may affect business continuity, which may in turn affect stakeholders. GPSC also possesses risk assessment capability and has established a Business Continuity Management System: ISO 22301 to ensure that the company is able to continuously meet the needs of customers without affecting stakeholders.

In addition, during GPSC operations, each individual has the right to immediately take a break should it be found that any activity on the job could lead to an accident or safety, as well as environmental incidents. It is considered not only a right to take a break during such cases, but also if it is deemed that the circumstances may be dangerous, which is to protect colleagues from injury or accidents that may arise in the work process.

The power to refuse in continuing to work has the following steps

Personal Safety

GPSC places great emphasis on cultivating safety awareness among employees with a safety culture termed “WE SAFE”. The company also organizes safety-promoting activities for employees and contractors by requiring all employees to undergo occupational health and safety training from the first day of working with GPSC, in order for employees and contractors to acknowledge safe operating procedures according to the nature of work and in accordance with the law. The company has jointly established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) throughout the organization, in order to raise awareness regarding operational safety.

GPSC has organized safety promoting activities for employees to stimulate and instill safety awareness among employees, such as the 5S activities, Management Line Walk activities, Safety Walkthrough activities, Flash eye activities, including other activities as required by law, in order to be without accidental downtime. As a result of these activities, GPSC has achieved 10 million working hours in May 2020 without incident, with the next target of 20 million working hours without incident by 2022 having been set.

In the year 2020, due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), GPSC has placed great importance on protecting and maintaining safety in working conditions of employees and contractors. The company has established a COVID-19 management center (G-COVID Center), which serves as a center for decision-making and management of all COVID-19 prevention, in accordance with the PTT Group and government policies. As a result, GPSC was able to operate its business continuously throughout the year 2020.

GRI 403-2, 403-4
GPSC Web-accident reporting

The company has a vision to “Aim for zero worker incidents”, which would build confidence in the business operations of the company and stakeholders in all sectors. Therefore, it is a requirement to systematically and efficiently improve the storage of safety performance data, as well as incidents, in order to allow for the retrieval speed and accuracy of such data, which can then be used for causal analysis, along with setting guidelines for solving such incidents in the future. This includes effective prevention of recurrence by developing the Incident Report Program, which has been in use since 2017 under the cooperation of the information technology department to develop the program through the intranet system for internal communication of the company. All employees will have access to a centralized incident communication system (Single Point Communication) capable of recording, processing, analyzing and conducting incident investigations to establish corrective and preventive measures through an online database.

GRI 403-5
Occupational health and safety training

GPSC places great importance on complying with the relevant laws on occupational health and safety, while also developing knowledge and skills on occupational health and safety on a regular basis to its employees, as well as contractors. This is to ensure awareness in employees and contractors, in order for them to be able to perform work in strict compliance with the law, including occupational health and safety training for new employees of all levels through the Annual Training Plan, which is in accordance with the policy of quality, security, safety, occupational health and environment of the company.

GPSC provides training for safety personnel to build knowledge and understanding regarding occupational health and safety management, as shown in the following table.

Course name Executive Operator Support staff Contractor
1.Safety in basic work
2.Executive safety officer      
3.Supervisor level safety officer    
4.Primary fire fighting
5.Fire drills and fire evacuation drills
6.Specialized safety courses
6.1 Safety in confined spaces
6.2 Safety when working at heights
6.3 Safety in overhaul/moving
6.4 Safety in working with electricity
GRI 403-3, 403-6, 403-7
Promoting occupational health and good health for employees

GPSC recognizes that a healthy work environment and employee health will help to promote a safe and overall happy working environment. The company provides an annual health check-up for all employees, in which additional checks according to the risk factors regarding the work environment and the work itself, along with the health check-up results of employees, which are recorded in the E-Health Book system. All employees have access to their own health data, where this information will enable the analysis and follow-up of health examination results by healthcare professionals, as well as are able to used to create plans to promote good health for employees. GPSC organized various activities to encourage employees to be aware of good health care and to effectively prevent and mitigate the impact on occupational health and safety. The following represent ways in which good health is promoted within the company:

  • Organizing activities promoting occupational health and good health, such as through “Fit to work” activities.
  • Continuously preparing email public relations knowledge about health care and contagious disease surveillance.
  • Conducting of the 5S and Big Cleaning Day activities to promote and encourage all employees to take part in keeping the work area and working environment around their own area, in order to have regular and hygienic conditions.
  • Organized a project termed “Walk-Run a Little a Day to Conquer Disease” to encourage employees to turn their attention to physical exercise to reduce the risk of various diseases.
  • Organizing special lectures to staff by specialists on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) (Non-Communicable Diseases: NCDs), office syndrome, etc.
  • Encouraging employees to exercise outside of their working hours by providing exercise facilities with sports equipment for employees, along with activities, guides and clubs with the aim for employees to have good health both physically and mentally.

In addition, in order to prepare for emergencies, the company has arranged for employees to receive first aid training, in order to provide employees with resuscitation knowledge and for them to be able to use automatic defibrillators (Automated External Defibrillator: AED). The company has also provided assistance to injured employees, along with an annual training session, while providing a hospital room with a regular nurse stationed at all times, along with drugs and medical supplies as required by law, in order for employees to obtain initial treatment for symptoms in all areas of the GPSC Group.