Occupational Health and Safety

GPSC is committed to operational excellence, with a strong focus on implementing the Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environment Policy. To minimize loss of lives, injury, illness, and impacts on nearby communities and the environment, risk control and management has been put in place across all the company’s working processes. Production efficiency, machinery reliability, and proper management in compliance with laws on security, safety, occupational health and environment, are among the company’s central commitments. The company has always taken responsibility for the safety and health of employees, society, and the environment by implementing preventive measures to reduce risks associated with machinery and operation, and working towards a zero accident work environment.

Safety Vision

Underlining the company’s responsibility for the safety and health of employees, society, and the environment, GPSC is fully committed to its safety vision:

“Drive to zero incidents that harm people”

Missions on Security, Safety and Occupational Health

  1. Quality and reliability that meet the customer’s needs.
  2. Standardize and drive QSHE, Process Safety Management and uphold the ‘we SAFE’ QSHE culture to embed safety awareness into the GPSC DNA.
  3. Hazards are all identified and controlled to the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) point.
  4. Enhance the QSHE 3Es: Engineering, Education and Encouragement to employees and contractors.

Process Safety

Recognizing that effective safety management in the working process helps reduce serious incidents, GPSC has used its safety management framework as the operational guideline across the value chain. Process Safety Management (PSM) is part of the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS), encompassing design, engineering process, operating procedures, and inspection of production efficiency, machinery readiness and maintenance, as well as risk assessment for process risk control management planning both in normal times and in emergencies for smooth, effective and safe operations.

Personal Safety

The company requires that all new staff attend basic safety training and that performance in occupational health and safety be a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). In 2019 the workplace injury rate was 0.13 per 200,000 working hours.

The lesson learned from this injury rate has been taken into consideration for further improvement. This has resulted in achieving the target as a company with zero Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) for seven consecutive years, from 2013 until the present (as of December 2019). Presently, the company’s statistics show 9,440,929 consecutive accident-free work hours. The aim is for 10,000,000 consecutive accident-free work hours.

Furthermore, the company also puts priority on the safety of operational staff. They are required to dress in proper uniforms and be safety role models. The Safety Man Award on the QSHE Day 2019 was held to raise awareness of safety among staff of all power plants.

Lawful Occupational Health and Safety Practices

GPSC pays great attention to lawful occupational health and safety practices and the constant improvement of occupational health and safety skills of its employees and contractors to ensure their actions abide by the law. All new employees must attend occupational health and safety training and participate in annual training, in compliance with the company’s Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environmental Policy, as well as the legal requirements and laws on occupational health, safety, and environment. These practices have been carried out in tandem with creating confidence among communities surrounding the company’s operation sites.

Additionally, GPSC has set up the Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Policy, comprising executives, operational employees and safety guards at its headquarters and utility plants. The committee meeting is held at least once a month to report performance and share suggestions for improvement to comply with the laws on workplace safety. The company also always promotes workplace safety activities as well as conducts regular performance follow up for future planning.

GPSC Web-accident

“GPSC’s Zero Accident”, the vision is designed to foster confidence in business operations among all stakeholders. The company’s safety performance information system has been upgraded for greater accuracy and convenience for analyses, searches and preventive measure planning. Its Incident Report Program, launched in 2017 in collaboration with the company’s Information Technology division, is an intranet single point communication program accessible by all employees. The program is for information sharing on incidents for investigation and future preventive planning though the online database.

Enhancing Employee Well-Being

Acknowledging that a pleasant working environment and good health can boost efficiency, GPSC provides annual physical checkups for all employees. Extra checkups are added where necessary to address risk factors in operation sites. The physical checkup results are available via the GPSC E-health Book, which is convenient for not only personal searches but also healthcare providers to analyze and follow up for health program planning.