Announcement: Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited No. 006 / 22 GPSC Group Quality, Security, Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Policy

Quality, Security, Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment (QSHE) policy are vital elements of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited Group’s (GPSC Group) business. We aim to escalate efficient work process and continual improvement to properly mitigate risks, enhance opportunities and achieve operational excellence toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while relentless upholding our stakeholders trusted with follow corporate governance. GPSC Group has a QSHE culture and knowledge management that align with GPSC Group core values to have our people be aware of and uncompromisingly manage QSHE risks and opportunities while minimizing negative impacts. The QSHE policy covers the following guiding principles:

  1. Strictly comply with all applicable QSHE laws, regulations and mandatory standards, our group-wide internal requirements, relevant international standards and compliance obligations including climate change, biodiversity and forest regulations, as a minimum performance achievement level.
  2. Apply integrated QSHE management system and digital processes in line with PTT Group standards to strengthen efficiency of production operations, and business facilities to deliver valuable products and services.
  3. Manage risks to prevent losses from incidents that can cause life-threatening, property and operation processes damages. Apply emergencies and crisis management to ensure business continuity and to promote health and safety of workforce, communities and other stakeholders. Protect all employees and organizations from security threats, pandemic outbreak, natural disaster and cyber security with securities management, in respect to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. Create and maintain the GPSC safety culture and core values to ensure safety of everyone. Conduct consultation and gain participation from employees/workers and worker representatives to meet the highest safety standard in working environment. Commit to continue improvement of QSHE performance and consistently monitor through the set quantitative target measurements to reduce potential environmental impacts.
  5. Protect, prevent and minimize environmental impacts, by applying sustainable and sufficient consumption concepts based on the Circular Economy principle. Maintain biodiversity, forestry areas and ecosystems by complying national, international and mandatory standards through pollution prevention and waste management. Mitigate and adapt to climate change and improve energy and natural resources efficiency to achieve low carbon society and Net Zero pathway.
  6. Set up prioritization and action plan to manage and maintain standard of quality, safety, security, occupational health, and environment from mitigate environment impacts from whole activities in the value chain including designing, construction, installation of machinery, testing, production, maintenance, delivery, distribution, logistics and storage of raw materials and products.
  7. Research and develop innovation for generating electricity and steam from alternative or renewable energy, safety and environmental friendliness throughout its lifecycle.
  8. Sufficiently allocate resources for operations and continuous improvement of staff, time frame, work activities on the environment and budget including appropriate and adequate training. Provide measures and raise awareness of QSHE policy and protection of environmental impacts for internal and external stakeholders via trainings and awareness raising actions.
  9. Engage communication of QSHE programs and performances with transparency and integrity to internal and external stakeholders along with the collection of feedbacks and expectation, voluntary programs and/or collective agreements, to review and continually improve our operations.

This policy applies to all GPSC Group businesses and entire group-wide operations across value chain. GPSC Group also encourages and supports those joint ventures and non-managed operations, along with other key business partners to comply and uphold this policy as appropriate. All managements shall be good role models and are accountable for the policy alignment. All workforce shall take roles and responsibilities to implement, ensure to understand and continually comply with this policy throughout business activities cover before acquiring asset, due diligent process, mergers and acquisitions, planning, design and execution until process completion.

Announced on 24 June 2022
(Mr. Worawat Pitayasiri)
Director / President and Chief Executive Officer
GPSC Group Quality, Security, Safety, Health and Environment Policy

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