Announcement of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited No. 010 / 2019 Title: Climate Change Policy

Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited Group (GPSC Group) realizes and places high priority on its current and future operations in relation to global climate change condition. GPSC Group, therefore, sets out the business operation policy with the objectives to prevent, mitigate and adapt to emerging impacts that are the causes of climate change and global warming.

  1. Control, prevent, and mitigate environmental impacts through sustainable resource utilization in accordance with principle of Eco-Efficiency. This includes maintaining of biodiversity and ecological systems, as well as prevention of pollution at its source. GPSC Group shall improve energy efficiency, mitigate and adapt to tackle climate change impacts moving forward to low-carbon society. The environmental parameters and performances will be continuously assessed and monitored in terms of effectiveness to ensure that they meet GPSC Group’s targets.
  2. Research and innovate power and steam generation technologies, both from fuel and alternative energy sources or safe and environmentally-friendly renewable energy.
  3. Raise awareness and increase participation in reducing greenhouse gas emission from its operations through sustainable and environmental friendliness. This includes knowledge sharing internally and externally.

This policy applies to all departments and functions throughout GPSC Group’s supply chain. Executives of all levels are responsible for monitoring performances in alignment with the corporate commitment. All employees shall acknowledge, understand and comply with the policy throughout their activities from planning, designing, implementing until completion.

Announcement 1 October 2019
Mr. Chawalit Tippawanich
President and Chief Executive Officer
Climate Change Policy

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