Announcement Global Power Synergy Public Company LimitedSocial and Environmental Responsibility Policy

GPSC has the firm intention to conduct business with responsibilities for all groups of stakeholders, both inside and outside the company, including employees, shareholders, customers, business partners, government agencies and society. Included in this intention are sustainable responsibilities for communities, society and the environment with an aim for peaceful co-existence between the business, the community and society. In parallel, GPSC promotes appropriate stakeholder engagement. To fulfill such intention, the company has set forth a social and environmental responsibility policy as follows:

  1. To conduct business with transparency, fairness, and accountability with an emphasis on the growth of the company, along with the improvement of the quality of life of employees, communities, society, and the environment, while protecting the interests of stakeholders according to the company’s vision and mission
  2. To realize the optimal use of natural resources while minimizing impact on stakeholders, society, communities and the environment
  3. To be committed to conducting social and environmental responsibility activities together with stakeholders from all levels to foster social and environmental sustainability
  4. To promote and to provide opportunities for stakeholders to engage in social and environmental projects or activities, using GPSC’s resources to efficiently attain goals and objectives
  5. To communicate and promote social and environmental projects or activities with communities, society and stakeholders

This policy applies to all GPSC executives and employees who shall support and push forward with joint actions in accordance with the established policy

Announced on 1 May 2021
(Mr. Worawat Pitayasiri)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

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