Customer Relationship Management

GPSC recognizes the importance of building a good customer relationship. Therefore, the company has developed an approach aimed at enhancing the efficiency of its customer relationship management to increase customer satisfaction and engagement as follows:

Customer Relationship Management Approach

Code of Ethics on Confidentiality, Record Keeping, and Use of Internal Data

GPSC’s Code of Ethics on confidentiality, record keeping, and use of internal data covers the area of protecting customer and business transactions and keeping all data confidential. The company designates the level of privacy and approach for employees to have an understanding of each privacy level as well as the approach to protecting confidentiality at their level of responsibility. More information on the Code of Ethics guidelines on confidentiality, record keeping, and use of internal data can be found at GPSC’s Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct Manual, page 51.

Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct Manual


Telemetry System

An Automated Telemetry System was developed for reading and collecting data from the electricity meters of individual customers directly through an online system which enables the company to adjust delivery plans and optimize the management of power production capacity.

Increasing Communication Channels with Customers

GPSC has developed communication channels to correspond to behavior changes in the usage of online social media. As a result, GPSC uses communication channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn to enhance efficiency in soliciting and responding to customer feedback as well as enabling customers to conveniently and quickly receive information on the company’s operations.

Organizing Customer Relationship Activities with Relevant Business Functions

GPSC places importance on continuously developing good relationships with customers by regularly conducting customer engagement activities with GPSC’s responsible parties. These activities are separated into monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities so that GPSC can correspond to the specific needs of each customer group in an appropriate and timely manner.

  • Monthly Activity – Rotating meeting that held on customer’s site and conducts on the last Wednesday of each month. The purpose of this actvitiy is to develop sales and production planning as well as to acknowledge the short term needs of customers.
  • Quarterly Activity – Recreational activitity that provides knowledge to every level of customer’s employees.
  • Yearly Activity – Activity that focuses on related to company’s business site visit for exchaging knowledge and idea on business opportunites.

Conducting Customer Satisfaction Survey by a Third Party

For continuously improving customer relationship management, GPSC uses a third party to conduct customer satisfaction surveys at least twice a year to solicit open and unbiased feedback from customers. With six main categories of questions, the survey results reflect the company’s ability to deliver products and services that address customers’ needs. This comprehensive survey enables the company to create a proactive relationship and satisfaction management plan to meet customer expectations more effectively.

6 Main Categories on Customer Satisfaction Survey

(Product & Delivery)

(Service & Maintenance)

(Technical/Commercial Staff)

(Customer Engagement)

(Customer Experience)

(Other Suggestions)

The survey results, including critical issues for redress, are reported at a board meeting chaired by the CEO to identify solutions and responses for every customer complaint and feedback. In this way, the relevant functions are able to implement corrective actions urgently.