Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited Group (GPSC Group) strives to be a leading innovative and sustainable power company of the PTT Group. GPSC Group operates its business according to the sustainable development guidelines, which include building trust with all stakeholders, operational excellence, transparency in business operations, continuous innovation development and responsibility for society and the environment. GPSC Group’s sustainability management framework is in compliance with the PTT Group's sustainability management guidelines, the national strategy, international sustainability standards, as well as meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals. The company, therefore, defines the sustainability management policy as follows:

  1. Comply with the laws and relevant regulations in operating countries and follow international guidelines.
  2. Take the balance of economy, society and environment into consideration, including all involved stakeholders, for sustainable growth of the business.
  3. Raise awareness of GPSC Group's sustainability management policy among suppliers and customers and promote application of sustainability guidelines to enhance and reduce operational impacts throughout the value chain.
  4. Promote continuous development of innovation and technology for sustainable benefits of the society and environment.
  5. Promote business practices and operations that respect the rights of stakeholders based on the human rights principles and fairly protect the rights of employees, suppliers and business partners.
  6. Commit to applying knowledge and expertise in electricity business to improve the quality of community life, which will lead to sustainable living for all.
  7. Provide transparent, fair and verifiable disclosures of management policies and guidelines, as well as operating results. Also provide good examples in reinforcing behaviors that lead to a sustainable business operation culture.

This policy applies to all departments and functions throughout the GPSC Group’s supply chain. All executives and employees of GPSC Group shall support, encourage and act in accordance with the established sustainability management policy and framework.

Announcement 1 October 2019
Mr. Chawalit Tippawanich
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sustainability Management Policy

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