Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited Announcement No. 006 / 61 Title: Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Management Policy

Procurement is one of the most imperative management processes to support sustainable business operations. Therefore, GPSC has streamlined an excellent system that is transparent and fair, following the guidelines in accordance with international standards as follows

Good practices
  • Source the best and appropriate products/services for the best interest of the company concerning correct specifications in terms of quality, cost, quantity, delivery time, service, and other relevant conditions that meet the needs
  • Procure with an efficient, transparent, and auditable system with strict control in compliance with related laws
  • Procurements will be conducted with correct, clear, complete, and disclosed information, simultaneously with equal treatment and good relationships among all suppliers
  • Avoid sourcing through a third-party unless necessary. No dealing with fraudulent suppliers or the ones with a tendency to be so.
  • Sustainably manage the procurement system and suppliers following the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Procure together with PTT Group with the group policy set forth, while prioritizing PTT products
  • Promote the purchase of environmental-friendly products/services or Green Procurement
  • Endorse services provided by Thai people • No procurement of illegal items/services

To have an exceptional procurement system, which includes; transparency, fairness, an efficient working system, international strategies and consistent improvements in order to respond to the goals of the users.

  • Strive for excellence with expertise of international standards
  • Strive for transparency and fairness among all stakeholders
  • Continually improve and develop employees’ capacity to better perform their roles
  • Focus on customer service for highest satisfaction and their feedback for room to improve on
Good Practice
  • Develop and improve the policies, regulations, requirements, operational procedures and procedures of the procurement process for efficiency in accordance with international standards
  • Manage the procurement process with transparency, fairness, and efficiency in order to get products or services that meet the needs within the time limit at reasonable costs for the best interest of the company
  • Manage and ensure the system runs according to the assigned flow in order to achieve sustainable value for the company
Announcement On March 1st, 2018
(Mr. Toemchai Bunnag)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Management Policy

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