Community Responsibility

GPSC is committed to conducting business with social and environmental responsibility. This commitment has enabled the company to foster a symbiotic relationship with local communities and society as well as creating shared value in a sustainable manner. Accordingly, GPSC has introduced a new policy and implemented the following management approaches on community responsibility.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

GPSC formally introduced the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy effective for the entire organization as of 2016. The policy emphasizes the duty of all executives and employees to support the company in operating the business harmoniously alongside communities and society.

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Community Responsibility Management Approach

Strategic Framework on Corporate Social Responsibility

GPSC recognizes the importance of corporate social and environmental initiatives. Therefore, GPSC has the policy to support improvement in community and society continuousness. GPSC’s strategy comprises Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the following 4 domains:

1. Education Projects

It is GPSC’s policy to promote education in a sustainable manner by offering scholarships, supporting activities, and improving local schools, such as Vocational Scholarship project in Rayong, Leadership Program for Sustainable Education (CONNEXT ED), and GPSC Young Social Innovator.

2. Improvement of the Quality of Life Projects

GPSC has also established a policy on improving the quality of community and society for a better quality of life, without any danger, steady careers path including having great physically and mentally healthy by organizing events. The following events are supporting the capability development of village health volunteers, providing a mobile medical service, fostering youth development, encouraging participation in sports, the Map Ta Phut Hospital Development project, the Senior Club project, Mor Fai Fah (Electric Doctor) project, Mor Fai Fah (Electric Doctor) to create career opportunity project as well as a social enterprise of community recycle bank and transformation project.

3. Engagement Activities with Communities Projects

GPSC supports community service and social welfare activities, as well as organizing engagement activities with local communities to build understanding and a positive relationship. The company organizes meetings between communities and related functions to facilitate discussion and consultation as well as soliciting feedback. Moreover, the company regularly organizes an open house for local residents to build confidence in the company’s business operations under the Shoulder-to-Shoulder project.

4. Environmental Projects

GPSC is cognizant of our social and environmental responsibility, especially in areas and communities within close proximity to the company’s operation sites. GPSC runs a variety of projects to support environmental conservation, clean energy, and balance in the ecosystem, such as the Integrated Waste Management Project in Rayong, the Aquatic Animal Release project in Honor of His Majesty the King, the Reforestation project, Improvement forestry Ban-Nern-Kra-Prok-Bon community area project.

Moreover, GPSC places great emphasis on supporting communities and society to be independent in creating long-term, sustainable value, leading to our focus on making social investments and offering commercial initiatives rather than making donations. The definitions of these three categories of CSR projects are as follows:

1. Donations

Charitable giving can be in the form of a one-time donation or the occasional offering of short-term assistance as needed by a community or society. This category of giving is unrelated to the company’s business strategies and profits and does not generate sustainable returns for communities or society. Examples of this type of giving include donations or funding for causes related to education, religion, culture, sports, and natural disaster relief efforts, all of which are unrelated to the company’s business objectives.

2. Community Investments

Investments in communities can be implemented within or outside the company’s operation sites. Community investments are usually large-scale and long-term projects which may be made in collaboration with communities, society, or other organizations with the goal of creating sustainable and long-term community benefits. Such projects or activities emphasize social issues that align with the company’s corporate strategies with long-term benefits, such as building a positive corporate image, demonstrating the company’s expertise, and responding to national policies or strategies. Community investments encompass both solo implementation by the company or collaborative efforts made with other agencies, such as CSR/CSV/SE projects that create sustainable community benefits.

3. Commercial Initiatives

Community commercial initiatives are related to the company’s business activities which may be outside the scope of the CSR function, such as business development, marketing, and R&D. Such initiatives are carried out with the goal of facilitating the company’s business policies and fostering a positive corporate image while also benefiting communities, either directly or indirectly. This type of support can be implemented inside or outside the company’s operation sites but with the scope limited to support for charitable organizations, society, and communities while excluding any of GPSC’s business activities.

Community engagement survey within operation areas

With every CSR project, GPSC aims to build community engagement and, therefore, places a great emphasis on measuring the level of community engagement in operation areas on a regular basis. The company measures the level of community engagement annually, the results of which are also one of the performance indicators for all employees.

Employee participation in the communities

GPSC values employee engagement with the communities in which we operate with the aim of building a strong relationship that will not only facilitate the company’s business operations but also encourage our employees to be good citizens of the society. GPSC offers an opportunity for employees to participate in the company’s CSR projects by utilizing their electricity knowledge and expertise for the benefit of local communities, such as the Mor Fai Fah (Electric Doctor) project and the Shoulder-to-Shoulder project.