Roadmap to Success
GRI 103-2

Approaches to Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption are as follows:

  • Corporate Governance (CG) & Code of Conduct Policy and Manual
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Compliance Policy & Charter
  • Whistleblowing and Complaints Handling Policy
  • Law and Regulation Policy
  • Asset Management, Confidentiality and Information Disclosure Policies
Action Plans
  • Roles and responsibilities for legal affairs
  • Practices on anti-corruption, anti-gift/benefit accepting and giving through information technology and communications
  • Reports on stakeholder engagement of directors, executives and related persons. The report criteria include those in the first report, quarterly reports on changes of stakeholders' information and annual reports on shareholders' information
  • Raising awareness of business ethics and anti-corruption among all stakeholders, including directors, employees, executives, representatives of affiliate companies, business partners and other groups
Filing and Reporting Performance
  • Filing and Reports on security holdings of the company's directors, and senior executives
  • Filing and Reports on shareholder engagement of the company's board members, executives, and persons involved
  • Filing and Reports on lists of gifts or other benefits incompliance with the practices on anti-corruption, anti-gift/benefit accepting and giving through information technology and communications
  • Filing and Reports on disclosure of the company's conflicts of interest

The Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority is a division under the Corporate Secretarial and Corporate Governance Department. In accordance with the organizational regulations: Procedures for compliance with applicable laws and regulations The Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority is responsible for collecting and monitoring laws relating to GPSC operations, considering the relevance and prying of the law. In order for all employees to strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations. If verified, inconsistencies are found in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The review will be reported to agency executives to consider ways to take corrective action and determine the completion period to suit the risk level. And propose the results of the amendments to the management. Such regulations apply to all personnel. If found to be inaction and damage Disciplinary action will be held in accordance with GPSC work regulations. For example, a written warning, for example.

Currently, the Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority has the tools to review the conformity of the law or compliance monitoring system (CMS), and the company's relevant laws and regulations are registered into the CMS system, consisting of details or processes that must be carried out in accordance with that law. By reviewing with the relevant authorities through the CMS system that the relevant laws and regulations have been implemented.

In 2021, the Regulatory Authority of Legal and Regulatory Affairs of the Organization is evolving. Application to support the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562, which will be effective on June 1, 2022. Application "One Trust" is a tool designed to keep operations in harmony with GPSC Privacy Policy and PDPA Management guideline

In addition, the Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority has provided the communication of personal data management under the Personal Data Protection Act to employees through E-learning.

Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct of GPSC operations

All the Company's personnel are obliged to operate in accordance with the guidelines in the Corporate Governance Manual and Code of Conduct under the supervision of the Corporate Governance Manual and Code of Conduct under the supervision of the Corporate Governance Committee. In order to ensure sustainability in accordance with the Company's good corporate governance principles, which are equivalent to international practices, the Company promotes and cultivates a culture of ethical business practices by designating it as one of the corporate values and integrity, by promoting it through activities and channels regularly. The Company has designated the Board of Directors, Executives, and all employees to sign the acknowledgment of GPSC's Guide to Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. In addition, the Company has prepared a report revealing the Company's conflicts of interest, in which its personnel is obliged to report conflicts of interest at least once a year and report every time in case of change, which is specified in the Code of Conduct on Conflicts of Interest and Interest in order to ensure that the Company's business operations are transparent and fair.


The Company adheres to business operations and management with integrity, transparency, and fairness. Responsible for society and all stakeholders in accordance with the Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, the Company does not accept all forms of corruption directly or indirectly by clearly declaring its intentions. The Company has signed a joint signing of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (CAC) coalition project since 2018. Moreover, the Company has established the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy and anti-corruption policy regarding receiving and offering gifts, raising or other benefits or No Gift Policy to assign to the Company's personnel to strictly adhere to the policy. The Company and GLOW have prepared an assessment form on anti-corruption measures that have been audited by external agencies. The Company has been certified and received a certificate from CAC in the third quarter of 2020. In E-learning format

Complaints and Protection Process

GRI 102-17

In order for the operation of the Company, its subsidiaries, and associates to be effective in accordance with laws, rules, and regulations. The Company's Good Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Conduct for Conducting the Company's Business In a transparent, fair, and auditable manner. The Company has issued a policy of complaints and protection (Whistleblowing and Complaints Handling Policy) and announced the process for receiving complaints and providing protection to complainants and related parties, along with mechanisms for monitoring and auditing in order to prevent risks and damages that may occur to all stakeholders. This includes providing protection to those who make whistleblowers or complain in good faith.


In 2021, the Company received a complaint through the whistleblowing channel regarding violations of the Company's code of conduct with complaints through the Company's complaint channels that meet the criteria and receive 2 official complaint cases. The results of the investigation of the 2 complaints were not found to be fraudulent. The Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority also provides such training to employees in E-learning format

Promoting and educating business ethics and combating fraud and corruption

The Company has encouraged, educated, and organized activities for all employees to be informed. Recognize the principles of business ethics and fighting corruption and concretely can be implemented in business operations. In 2021, the events include:

Orientation activities for new employees to communicate knowledge, and understanding of good corporate governance principles and business ethics, and anti-corruption.

Promote GPSC's business ethics and best practices through in-house communication channels to company personnel on the following topics:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Procurement and Treatment of Partners
  • Confidentiality, data retention, and use of internal data
  • Receiving, gifting, property, or any other benefit.

In addition, the Corporate Legal and Regulatory Authority also provides such training to employees in E-learning format

"KM Day 2021" activities to communicate knowledge and understanding of complaints and protection policies On November 19, 2021

PTT Group CG Day 2021 under the concept of "The Power of Business Integrity" On December 22, 202, PTT Group is committed to driving the business of the organization based on CG principles, as well as receiving policies from the board/management of each company that focuses on CG as a contribution to driving the business, making it competitive and integrated with the everyday work process, not something new or something that causes obstacles to work.

Knowledge transfer of legal management of the Personal Data Protection Act Anti-Corruption and Conflict of Interest at the 2021 GPSC Group Supplier Day 2021 seminar on November 4, 2021

Updated as of February 2022

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