GPSC cares about nurturing natural resources as well as conducting business with full responsibility toward the environment and local communities, especially with regard to protecting natural habitats and biodiversity. To this end, the company has developed a system to manage, control, and improve the operations with an emphasis on preventing and minimizing environmental impacts on biodiversity right from the project design and construction phase. Therefore, GPSC has issued the following management approach to ensure that the company’s implementation of habitat and biodiversity protection is complete and effective.

Biodiversity Management Approach

Environmental Impact Assessment

GPSC requires that all projects for developing new businesses or for expanding the production capacity of existing operations must undergo environmental impact assessments. Constituting the main topic that must be comprehensively assessed, a habitat and biodiversity study looks at both the quantity and the type of living organisms in the surrounding area. For the biodiversity study of forest and wildlife resources, all GPSC projects have verified that plant and animal species comply with related laws of the particular countries in which the projects are located, such as the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act, B.E. 2535 and the Prohibited Timber Decree, B.E. 2530 for Thailand, as well as international regulations such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN).

Measures on Prevention and Environmental Impact Mitigation and Measures on Monitoring and Environmental Impact Assessment

GPSC has issued measures on the prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts together with measures on monitoring and assessing environmental impacts. The company is committed to the strict and complete compliance with these measures. The implementation results are submitted to relevant government agencies for review on a regular basis.

Biodiversity Studies for International Projects

Due to the complexity and variation in biodiversity of international projects in which GPSC has co-invested, the company has conducted biodiversity studies of surrounding areas and formulated action plans and environmental management and monitoring plans (EMMP). Consequently, GPSP has been guided by the results of these studies and action plans throughout the project process, from design and construction to implementation over both the short and long term to minimize the impacts that project implementation has on both plant and animal habitats as much as possible.