Our Employees

Employees are valuable resources for the company. They are the key engine that drives business growth toward our corporate goals. Therefore, GPSC is committed to managing human resources in alignment with the overall corporate strategy by setting the following human resource policy and management approach:

Human Resource Management Policy

GPSC Human Resource Management Policy has been put into effect to steer the organization toward efficient human resource management in alignment with the company’s strategies and objectives which will lead to the shared success and sustainable progress of both the employees and the organization.

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Human Resource Management Policy
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Human Resource Management Approach

Human Resource and Organizational Development Strategies

The goal of human resource management in 2018 is to support the company’s 3 growth engines by leveraging the management mechanisms of talent development, work process, and system improvement, as well as building a work ethic and culture which will help the business achieve its objectives. The human resource strategy consists of 4 key implementation plans:

1. Readiness of Talent Employees
  • Improve the processes, mechanisms, and tools used in recruitment to meet the human resource demands as dictated by the company’s business growth plans, both in Thailand and abroad, as well as accommodating the company’s new business demands for experts with specialized skills along with employee branding to gain visibility and attract top talents.
  • Tailor the talent development program to each job level to support both domestic and global business growth plans and new business development plans, such as power and battery storage systems.
2. Strengthen Leadership Capability
  • Adopt career management models along with developing training programs to build competency in areas ranging from common competency, leadership competency, and functional competency to increase personal skills and competencies appropriately in accordance with the business direction.
  • Review the recruiting process for executives in the talent category along with setting individual development guidelines as well as creating a succession plan to prepare the recruited executives for replacing retiring executives and for future roles as necessitated by business expansion.
3. Embed Corporate Culture and Increase employee engagement
  • Increase engagement in the organization by integrating the "SPIRIT" value into the corporate culture through human resource systems and mechanisms as well as through a variety of activities aimed at fostering productive work habits; focus on effective internal communications to establish a clear understanding between executives and employees which will increase employee satisfaction and engagement in the long run.
4. Delivering HR operation excellent
  • Review and improve human resource operations to be consistent with the overall business approach by focusing on 3 key aspects: performance management system, strategic workforce planning, and organizational restructuring.
  • Tailor human resource operations to support GPSC’s international businesses effectively by creating platforms and systems to accommodate new work models in the future.

Employee Development Approach

Employee capabilities are a key to increasing the company’s competitiveness especially as the power business undergoes constant changes. Therefore, GPSC emphasizes employee development to ensure that all employees possess necessary knowledge and skills given the business direction by setting clear employee development approach consistent with GPSC’s business.

Succession Planning

GPSC has prepared candidates to replace retiring employees in key positions or to fill new positions as required by business expansion. To fill these key position, the company has created a succession plan that involves systematically grooming candidates to assume management roles. The plan comprises the following steps:

  1. Identifying potential candidates to assume management positions
  2. Assessing employees in the above group on leadership competency, organization knowledge, experience, and personal attributes at the Assessment Center
  3. Using the assessment outcomes to create Individual Development Plans (IDP)

Corporate Knowledge Management

Corporate knowledge management facilitates effective knowledge and skill development as well as knowledge application to support the company’s vision and goals in reducing risk and gaining the competitive edge. GPSC, therefore, encourages cross-organization knowledge sharing and fosters a self-learning culture by developing the Knowledge Management Portal. This system has been implemented as part of the company’s knowledge management plan which also aligns with the implementation approach of PTT Group Knowledge Management Committee.

Employee Recruitment

GPSC recognizes the importance of human resource management, starting right from the recruiting process, to attract talented and qualified individuals to join our team in driving business success together by adopting the Integrated Management System (IMS), which is transparent and non-discriminatory. GPSC’s employee recruitment approach considers many aspects of the candidates in assessing their potential, such as their qualifications, educational background, work experience, management knowledge, and attitude.

Performance Evaluation

To support the achievement of the business goals and promote continuous development, GPSC utilizes the Performance Management System (PMS) for measuring and evaluating employee performance. Employee evaluation consists of 2 separate aspects: behavioral assessment and performance assessment. The assessments are based on each employee’s performance indicators which are individualized and aligned with corporate strategies and goals. Evaluation outcomes will be used as input for planning and identifying an appropriate career development pathway for employees in both the short and long term as well as for considering appropriate compensation and promotion in conjunction with the company’s overall performance.

Labour Practices and Labour Rights

GPSC implements labor practices and labor rights in accordance with the Human Resource Management Policy to ensure full compliance with the Labor Protection Act, B.E. 2541. All employees have the right to voice their opinions through the Benefits Committees at their respective operation sites. Employees from the 3 areas – Rayong, Sriracha, and Bangkok – have the right to be elected as members of the Benefits Committees for a three-year term. The Benefits Committees will formally convene every two month to discuss issues related to labor practices and labor rights with employer representatives

Deepening Employee Engagement

Employee engagement enables the company to retain valuable employees, which is critical for achieving the corporate goals. GPSC, therefore, conducts an employee engagement survey annually via a third party and uses the survey results as input for further improvement to meet employee needs and increase satisfaction on an on-going basis. The process follows 4 steps:

  1. Processing survey data
  2. Meeting with employees
  3. Presenting survey findings to executives
  4. Creating an action plan to increase engagement

Employee Compensation and Benefits

GPSC reviews employee compensation and benefits annually to ensure that the level of compensation and benefits is appropriate and competitive within the same industry. Compensation and benefits for full-time employees comprise:

  1. Salary
  2. Bonus
  3. Matching provident fund contribution
  4. Medical reimbursement for employees and family members
  5. Life insurance
  6. Rental reimbursement for off-site employees as specified by GPSC’s rules
  7. Financial support for education of children and employees
  8. Financial assistance for funerals of employees and family members
  9. Phone allowance

Diversity at GPSC

GPSC practices non-discriminating employment by accepting and valuing differences in race, gender, religion, socio-economic status, age, ethnic origin, education, and physical fitness. GPSC believes that corporate diversity will enable the company to respond creatively to diverse customer needs and changing business characteristics, leading to sustainable benefits in the long run.